3DS Max Tutorials

3DS Max tutorial Modeling a leather throw pillow
This is a short tutorial on how to model a leather looking throw pillow with a nice bead edge in 3DS Max. There are lots of ways to model a pillow and this is just one example.
This is a very basic tutorial which covers the Relax, FFD(box) and smooth modifiers.

3DS Max Tutorial – Model and illuminate a table lamp with Vray in 3DS Max
In this short tutorial I will show you how to model a very basic table lamp and illuminate it using vray lights and the vray 2 sided material. We will make the lamp shade translucent so the light shines through the lamp shade.
This is a very simple tutorial aimed at beginners.

Covered in this tutorial are the line tool, Lathe modifier ,tube geometry and the vray 2 sided material.

3DS Max tutorial 3DS MAX Tutorial – How to model a fern – Vray
This tutorial will show you how to quickly model a common house fern for use in your 3d scenes. The tutorial covers the extrude, smooth and lathe modifiers.
This is a basic level tutorial.

Sorry about the video quality, something got messed up when it was uploaded to YouTube.