Park Project

March 13, 2013 in Exterior Visualization

This was a multiple 3D exterior render project done for a Toronto developer. There was an old hydro tower and field across from the complex they were developing and wanted some renders to show how the space could be transformed into a park. Some of the features were a community garden, dog park and a Bixi bike station. I was able to use Google maps to get an accurate street view to model with. Because of all the 3D trees and grass this was a very heavy scene and my poly count was quite high. For any 3D enthusiasts out there I used Forest Pack to scatter the trees and grass.

For these set of images I gave them an older photograph feel using Photoshop. A gradient color layer and slight vignetting was what was used to accomplish that. Creating the Hydro towers was an interesting challenge but I found a method that allowed me to create it in a short amount of time. Most of the time was spent getting the trees and plants correct and making the dog park and Bixi bikes.